Bronzeville Moods

Fine Art Prints and Media by Philip Mallory Jones

Madame Bertha

Madame Bertha

“Madame Bertha Reader & Advisor”. You might miss the small sign in the first floor apartment window, if you aren’t from around the 4300 block of S. Indiana Ave. But, Bertha is well known in the neighborhood. Now old, she’d come to Bronzeville as a young woman from Mound Bayou, Mississippi, in the first wave of The Great Migration, after WWI. She’d been schooled in the art of fortune telling, and other huckster crafts, through years of traveling the South, with her father, in Colored carnival troupes. But, from her mother, an authentic Root Woman, Bertha had also learned the secrets of herbs and potions. Ailments of the body, mind, and spirit are brought to Bertha. And, for a nickel more, she’ll pick your next winning Policy number.

Limited Edition of 50

(49 available)

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