Bronzeville Moods

Fine Art Prints and Media by Philip Mallory Jones

About the Artist


Philip Mallory Jones, MFA


Media Art / Immersive Environments

Innovative Learning Experiences

Curriculum Development and Implementation


Philip Mallory Jones’ career as an internationally recognized innovator in media art, creative storytelling, and instructional design spans more than four decades.

Mr. Jones’ distinctive visual and narrative style has garnered numerous national and international awards for his work in transposing the facts and essence of diverse histories and cultures into compelling story experiences for audiences via interactive and immersive environments, both physical and virtual, television, animation, print graphics and books.

Mr. Jones has studied the arts, histories and cultures of diverse peoples around the world, having done research and media production in The Caribbean, West and Southern Africa, India, the South Pacific, and Europe. He brings this trove of knowledge, experience and perspective to his work in 3D modeling and simulation, theatrical projection design, 2D graphics, animation, game design, virtual reality, video, audio, film, photography, and writing.

Mr. Jones has held faculty positions at several universities, including The Batza Distinguished Scholar in Art and Art History at Colgate University, and earned the Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Cornell University.

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